Alzheimer's Society

Fundraising Policies

Anything for Alzheimer’s is the name of our fundraising program for those that want to host or run their own event. You can do Anything for Alzheimer’s and anyone can fundraise on behalf of the Alzheimer Society. Anything for Alzheimer’s can also be also referred to as independent fundraising events and are conducted by volunteers in the community who take on all aspects of the event organization. Everyone who fundraises on the Society’s behalf must agree to adhere to the Anything for Alzheimer’s Fundraising Policies.

The Society is not responsible for the content of pages created by those who fundraise on our behalf. If you see anything on this website that is concerning or offensive, please contact us. The Alzheimer Society reserves the right to withdraw our support (which includes removing fundraising pages, content and images) at any time from any third-party event which we believe conflicts with our mission, guiding principles and/or policies. If you are not sure if your event fits with our goals, objectives, and guidelines, feel free to call at 519-680-2404 us with any questions or to explore your idea further.

  1. Organizers of third party fundraising events are responsible for all aspects of the event, including but not limited to, event logistics, volunteers, promotion, and financial management.
  2. Please keep in mind that your fundraiser is independent from the Alzheimer Society and organizers may not act as representatives of the Society.
  3. The Alzheimer Society is not able to join your committee or provide volunteers for your event.
  4. We appreciate invitations to attend and speak at independent fundraising events but unfortunately can’t promise to be involved in all events due to limited capacity.
  1. The Society shall not incur any costs or legal liabilities associated with independent fundraising events.
  2. The Society’s insurance policy does not apply to independent fundraising events. As a host, you will be required to arrange appropriate insurance coverage for the event.
  1. The Alzheimer Society provides charitable tax receipts in accordance with the Income Tax Act (Canada) and Canada Revenue Agency guidelines.
  2. Donations made online will receive automatic charitable tax receipts by email.
  3. Donations made by cash or cheque for which charitable tax receipts are requested should be tracked on the Pledge Form.
  4. Full name and address of the donor must be provided for the Society to send a charitable tax receipt.
  5. The Society cannot send charitable tax receipts with only an email address, and we cannot send them to an event organizer to forward to their donors.
  6. Charitable tax receipts are issued for all donations.
  7. Please be aware that not every contribution received will qualify for a charitable tax receipt.
  8. Charitable tax receipts will not be issued for services or sponsorships.
  9. Charitable tax receipts can only be issued to the person who made the donation.
  10. Charitable tax receipts cannot be given to anyone who has received something in return for their money such as raffle tickets, sponsorship, event tickets, or products such as from a garage sale or a silent auction.
  11. If your event falls near the end of the calendar year, please ensure the Society receives all donations by December 31st to ensure those donors receive their charitable tax receipts for their donations within the year they were made. Otherwise, they will be issued for the following year.
  12. If you have any questions or concerns regarding charitable tax receipting please see the Canadian Revenue Agency website at:
  1. Event expenses may not be paid from tax receiptable donations. All donations requiring a charitable tax receipt must be submitted to the Society in full.
  2. Under no circumstances will the Society pay expenses for independent fundraising events.
  3. Any company/individual/group organizing a fundraising event or campaign must demonstrate that they are using satisfactory financial controls.
  4. The financial records for the event must be available upon request.
  1. The Society requires post-event accounting for revenue and expenditures, any gaming activities, and to receive funds within one month after the completion of the event.
  1. Some of the activities at your event may require a license, such as raffles or the sale of alcohol.
  2. Check with the Municipal Hall, Gaming Policy and Enforcement and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO) to determine if you need any licenses, the time it will take to obtain them and the processing cost.
  3. The Alzheimer Society is not able to act as an applicant or co-applicant for any licenses for your event.
  1. When speaking with media, you should speak on your own behalf not on behalf of the Alzheimer Society.
  2. We do not expect you to be an expert about the Society and the disease. If media asks you questions about Alzheimer’s disease, medical treatments, the Alzheimer Society or anything that is not within the realm of your knowledge, please ask the reporter to call the Alzheimer Society and ask to speak with someone in our Marketing and Communications Department.
  3. Due to the high volume of third party events and campaigns, we are not able to promote independent fundraising events in our newsletters, or send information to our membership list.
  4. Although we can’t send out media releases or share our media contact list, we can provide a news release template.
  5. Unfortunately, we are not able to sell tickets to your event or help with any other sales.
  1. To assist with the promotion and credibility of your event, the Alzheimer Society can provide a Proud Supporter logo for event materials (posters, letters, t-shirts, etc.).
  2. It is never permissible to use the “Alzheimer Society” logo for independent fundraising events. Only our “Proud Supporter Alzheimer Society” logo can be used.
  3. Please do not stretch, remove elements, or alter the colours of this logo.
  4. Use of the Alzheimer Society name can only be used in the secondary context of a fundraising event in support of the Alzheimer Society.
  5. To ensure that the Alzheimer Society’s identity is represented correctly, the Society must approve all promotional material bearing the Society’s name or logo before being used publicly.
  6. The Society also reserves the right to revise any information regarding the Society and Alzheimer’s disease or other dementias within promotional materials to ensure current and accurate information.
  7. Please note that to use any of the Society’s logos, wordmarks or other copy written materials without express permission constitutes copyright infringement and may result in legal penalties.
  8. Please submit materials with adequate time for the editing and approval process. In most cases, one week is adequate but additional time may be required depending on the length and complexity of the event materials.
  9. If you would like to use the Proud Supporter logo, please contact Alison Mackenzie via email or by phone, 519-495-2730.