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Frequently Asked Questions

Anything for Alzheimer’s is the name of our do-it-yourself event program. Anyone wishing to hold their own fundraising event can do so through this program. Use your own creative ideas, passions and talent to hold an event in support of people living with dementia do Anything for Alzheimer’s!

By registering your event through our Anything for Alzheimer’s website, we will help make it easy for you to fundraise, and for your donors to give! You will have a webpage you can personally customize with a unique link to share and promote your event. Your donors can complete their donations online and will receive a tax receipt automatically. Their donations will also count towards your personal fundraising goal and will raise your fundraising thermometer!

Simply click REGISTER, complete our online form, and you can begin fundraising today. The Alzheimer Society reserves the right to withdraw our support at any time from any third-party event which we believe conflicts with our mission, guiding principles and/or policies. If you are not sure if your event fits with our goals, objectives and guidelines, feel free to call us with any questions or to explore your idea further, at: 519-495-2730.

We appreciate invitations to attend and speak at independent fundraising events but unfortunately can’t promise to be involved in all events due to limited capacity. Requests to attend events will be considered based on the amount of notice provided, the size and type of event, and the event location. We must also take into consideration the Society’s current schedule of signature events and other Society campaigns and activities.

By registering your event through Anything for Alzheimer’s, you will have a fundraising page that you can personally customize with a link to share to promote your event. Your donors can make donations online that are automatically tax receipted and will count towards your personal fundraising goal. Anyone can find your event through the event search feature on this website.

Your event may also be chosen as a featured event on our website. We use this area of the website to recognize outstanding contributions made by community members. Unfortunately, due to the high volume of events and campaigns, we are not able to promote independent fundraising events in our newsletters, or send information to our membership list. To assist with your solicitation of prizes, donations and/or sponsorship, we can provide a letter of support to be used to validate the authenticity of the event and its organizers. Contact

We advise that you and your organizing committee evaluate your collective networks, promotional strategies and provide ample time to conduct sales for ticketed events. Unfortunately, we are not able to sell tickets to your event or help with any other sales.

The Society must approve all promotional materials before they are presented to the public.
It is never permissible to use the “Alzheimer Society” logo for independent fundraising events. Only our “Proud Supporter Alzheimer Society” logo can be used. Please contact us to ask permission to use our logo. You may refer to our Logo Use Guidelines document for more information on these policies and the approval process. You'll find this document in your participant centre once you are registered and logged in.

Your donation to the Alzheimer Society ensures crucial programs and services are available in communities throughout Ontario. Your donation also supports research into the causes and cures and influences public policy to reflect the issues and realities of people living with dementia.

Your registration will include the creation of an online fundraising page. It’s up to you if you’d like to make use of it but we recommend that you do! There are many benefits to having an online fundraising page as an accompaniment to your actual event. Friends and family who are not able to attend your event will be able to support your fundraising goal with an online donation. You can also use the page to digitally promote to supporters locally, nationally, and all over the world! All donations made online are instantly tax receipted. Funds raised at your event can also be tracked on your online fundraising page. Your page will show others the results of your event and will be an inspiration for other community members who want to make a difference. You can also personally customize your page to reflect your fundraising mission, goals, and to share your reason for choosing us and taking up this cause. By the way, did you know that online donations are, on average, double the amount of offline donations?!

List the various possible sources of revenue for your event (such as donations, ticket sales and sponsorships) and then list all possible expenses related to your event. Ensure your projected event revenue makes hosting the event worthwhile. Please note that event expenses may not be paid from tax-receiptable donations. Consider scaling back event expenses or trying to boost revenue through additional revenue streams, like getting sponsors for your event. Any company, individual, or group organizing a fundraising event or campaign must demonstrate that they are using satisfactory financial controls. The financial records for the event must be available upon request.

Please record all donations with donor names and complete addresses on a Pledge Form and include that as well. Cheques should be made out to the Alzheimer Society. The Society requires post-event accounting for revenue and expenditures, any gaming activities, and to receive funds within one month after the completion of the event. Please remember to include the name of your event as well as the name and contact information for the event organizer.

We provide tax receipts in accordance with Canada Revenue Agency guidelines. A full name and complete mailing address must be provided for us to issue a tax receipt. Please use the Pledge Form to track your donations. Please be aware that not every contribution received will qualify for a tax receipt. Receipts can only be issued to people making an actual donation. Legally, they must not be given to anyone who will be receiving something in return for their money, such as a raffle prize or sponsorship. If you have any questions or concerns regarding tax receipting, please see the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Other activities, such as the sale of alcohol, require a permit. Check with the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario (AGCO), Parks Board and Municipal Hall in your city to determine if you need any licenses, the time it will take to obtain them and the processing cost. Depending on the kind of event you are planning, you may also need insurance. The Society shall not incur any costs or legal liabilities associated with your event. The Society’s insurance policy does not apply to independent fundraising events.

Please note: The Alzheimer Society is not able to act as an applicant or co-applicant for liquor and gaming licenses for third party events.