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Alvinston to Amherstburg for Alzheimers

Thank you for visiting our Team fundraising page in support of the Alzheimer Society.

By donating on this page, you are helping to transform the lives of individuals and families living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias.

Our team of four paddlers from the Windsor Essex County Canoe and Kayak Club will be paddling our kayaks from Alvinston, ON along the Sydenham River to Wallaceburg, ON, across Lake St. Clair to Windsor and the Detroit River to Amherstburg, ON.  - Door to door with only human power.  We depart on May 19th and plan to accomplish this 200+km route over five days.

With so many Canadians affected by Alzheimers, we understand how difficult living with or having family members who suffer from Alzheimers can be.  Many people embark on adventurous trips such as this one to create memories.  We're doing this trip to raise funds and awareness to ultimately help others to find a way to keep their precious memories.

Thank you in advance for your support!  Donations of $20 or more qualify for charitable receipts.  100% of funds go towards Alzheimers research.

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